Treatment Options for Skin Cancer

The innovative techniques used for treating skin cancer - Australia’s most common cancer - by our skin specialists at out skin cancer dermatology clinic in Perth and the South West.

Finding the best solution for you

Let our skin specialist doctors find the best skin treatment option for you at our skin cancer dermatology clinic in Perth and the South West. Here are some of the innovative techniques we perform: 

Skin specialist - Perth wide and in the Southwest, Oxford Day Surgery & Dermatology, WA Shave, Curette and Cautery, Laser ablation

Ideal for: Most superficial skin cancers
Process: The tumour is scraped, shaved or lasered away from the underlying skin and the wound heals
Cosmetic Outcome: generally acceptable flat white scar

Surgical Excision

Ideal for: All skin cancers
Process: Tumour is surgically cut out with a cure rate of over 90%
Cosmetic Outcome: More acceptable scar than curette and cautery 

Mohs Surgery

Ideal for: certain problematic skin cancers (e.g. facial basal cell carcinomas)
Benefits: highest cure rates for difficult skin cancers

See our Mohs Surgery page for details.


Ideal for: Smaller, early and superficial tumours. 

Process: Liquid nitrogen is sprayed onto the tumour until the cancer dies

Radiation (X-ray)

Ideal for: skin cancers not easily treated by other techniques, especially in older patients
Process: High energy X-Ray
Cosmetic Outcome: Excellent after radiation wound has healed (although scar may deteriorate and after 10-15 years a mottling at the treatment site often occurs) 

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

Ideal for: Some superficial skin cancers
Process: Cream is applied to the skin cancer and then activated with a red light
Benefits: Allows you to avoid surgery

Daylight Photodynamic Therapy (DPDT)

Ideal for: Patients with solar/actinic keratosis
Process: Metvix is applied in a thin layer to the skin and then activated by sunlight
Benefits: Allows you to avoid surgery

Read more about skin cancer - Australia’s most common cancer, or our expert team of skin specialists, at our skin cancer  dermatology clinic - Perth wide and in the South West. Alternatively contact us to find out more.