Mohs Surgery

Find out what’s involved in Mohs surgery - a highly successful technique used to treat skin cancer - Australia’s most common cancer.

Oxford Day Surgery - Mohs surgery specialists

Skin specialists in Mohs surgery and other skin treatments, Oxford Day Surgery & Dermatology, WAAs a highly specialist skin treatment, Mohs surgery (also known as microscopically controlled serial excision) uses a microscope to locate the position and extent of the tumour.

At Oxford Day Surgery, this skin treatment is most often performed under local anesthetic at out skin cancer clinic - Perth wide and in the South West. Depending on the individual’s situation, Mohs surgery usually takes between 3 and 6 hours to complete.

When Mohs surgery is used

  • When a skin cancer has returned after a previous treatment
  • The site requiring surgery is difficult to operate on (nose, eyes, lips and ears)
  • The extent of the skin cancer is not clearly visible
  • Aggressive skin cancer growth pattern.
Dermatologists in Perth and the Southwest, Oxford Day Surgery & Dermatology, WA

Benefits of Mohs' Surgery

  • Complete removal of tumour
  • All cancerous cells are removed
  • Maximum preservation of healthy skin
  • Very high rate of cure compared to other skin treatments (~98%).

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