Your First Visit

Find out how to prepare for your first visit for a skin check at our skin cancer dermatology clinic - Perth wide and throughout the Southwest.

What to expect at your skin check - Perth wide and throughout the Southwest

Ahead of your first visit

Patients need to have a referral sent through to us before booking any appointments. 

Mohs surgery and skin check - Perth and Bunbury, Oxford Day Surgery & Dermatology, WARead about skin problems
Whether you’re booked in for a routine examination, skin cancer examination or any other form of skin check, it’s always a great idea to read about your problem before you visit us. That way you can have a reasonable understanding by the time of your consultation, and we find this helps patients feel more comfortable.
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Remove makeup
It is important your remove all makeup well ahead of your consultation. This ensures the doctors can perform the most thorough, accurate facial skin examination possible.

At your first visit

The doctor will assess your problem, which usually consists of a full body skin examination (many patients are unaware of suspicious spots on the body). It is very helpful if you bring a full list of your medications, and disclose any rash or skin blemish history.

Uncertain diagnosis
In the event the doctor cannot diagnose the problem on the spot, a skin biopsy may be recommended and booked for a future date, such as removal or treatment of lumps, bumps or skin cancer. On rare occasions, small procedures may be carried out on the day, although this is usually reserved for cryotherapy (freezing treatment).

After your visit

After assessing your problem we will discuss your next steps, such as possible investigations (blood tests , X-rays, skin scrapings or biopsy), your surgery needs including aftercare and how to minimise risks, and in rare cases any referral to other specialised clinics or specialists.

Read about M​ohs surgery, watch a video explaining the Mohs surgery technique or explore more information about skin conditions and other skin treatment at our dermatology and skin cancer dermatology clinic - Perth wide and throughout the Southwest. Alternatively, access more patient information or contact us for more.