Preparing for Surgery

Learn how to prepare for major surgery such as Mohs surgery, as well as minor surgery and other skin treatments - Perth wide and throughout the Southwest.

Preparing for minor surgery

Specialist Mohs surgery skin cancer dermatology  clinic, Oxford Day Surgery & Dermatology, WA
  • Discuss your travel arrangements to and from surgery with us - we have parking available if you require it
  • Continue your normal meals and medication unless instructed not to
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Wash your hair, remove makeup and jewellery
  • Inform your family that they will not be able to attend
  • Prepare to be away for roughly an hour - wear loose, button-up clothing for easy-undress
  • Inform us if you are on aspirin, Astrix, Cardiprin, Warfarin, Plavix, Iscover, Assasantin, Dipyridamole, or any other blood thinner. We will let you know if you require a pre-treatment blood test
  • Prepare for when you get home - make sure you have any necessary pain relief on hand, and be prepared to miss a certain period of work (we’ll give you a medical certificate).

This is a brief summary only. For more information read our fact sheets on minor surgery.

Preparing for Mohs surgery

  • Do not drive yourself in for surgery
  • Plan travel arrangements to and from surgery - parking is available if required. We recommend country patients stay the night in Perth.
  • Prepare for a week off work (we’ll provide medical certificates)
  • Wear fresh comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Wash your hair, remove makeup and jewellery
  • Prepare to be in surgery for 3 to 6 hrs. Bring music or a book to keep you entertained (you will be allocated a small locker for when you’re in surgery)
  • Eat a decent breakfast (unless told not to by your Doctor)
  • Ensure our nurses have taken a swab of your nose
  • Fill scripts - you will need the medication.
  • This is a brief summary only. For more information read our fact sheets on Mohs surgery.
  • Read more about treatments and procedures such as Mohs surgery, and other skin treatments performed at our skin cancer clinic - Perth wide and in the Southwest. Explore our site to find out what other patients have said about their experience at our skin cancer clinic. Alternatively contact us.

Medical Certificates

  • Medical certificates are legal documents and can only be issued by the doctors according to strict guidelines. To avoid refusal, please request certificates only when genuinely required.