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Discover everything you need to know before your Mohs surgery and other skin treatment at our skin cancer dermatology clinic.

Information tailored to new and existing patients

Mohs surgery and skin treatments, Oxford Day Surgery & Dermatology, WA

Welcome to Oxford Day Surgery and Dermatology’s patient information page.

We would like to acknowledge that the experience of new and existing patients may differ and have tailored our information to ensure you have easy access to the most relevant information.

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New patients - you may like to understand what your first visit is likely to entail, submit a patient details form or learn about our fees and how health insurance can minimise the costs.

Existing patients - you may need to update your patient details, learn how to prepare for your upcoming surgery or refresh your knowledge on our fees and health insurance policies.

If you would like to know about the doctor that will be performing your Mohs surgery or other skin treatment, click here. Explore our site to learn more about skin cancer dermatology clinic and all skin specialists - Perth wide and throughout the South West. Alternatively, contact us to learn more.