Fact Sheets

Daylight-PDT-pdf-2.pdfPlease find a list of fact sheets below for point of reference.

Title Description Link
CO2 laser Vermillionectomy CO2 laser Vermillionectomy Treatment
Daylight Photodynamic Therapy Metvix®/ALA Daylight Photodynamic Therapy 
Dysplastic Nevi Information for "funny moles" and "atypical moles"
Efudix Efudix Treatment Information
Emla Cream Emla Instructions
Humira Starter Kit Humira Information Booklet
Japanese Bleaching Formula Instructions
Mohs Surgery Microscopically Controlled Surgery
Photodynamic Rejuvenation General Information
Photodynamic Therapy PDT for Skin Cancer
Preparing for Minor Surgery Preparing for Minor Surgery
Preparing for Mohs Surgery Preparing for Mohs Surgery at our surgery
Skin Cancer and Sun Risks and Benefits of Sun Exposure
Skin Cancer General General Information
Varicose Veins Information sheet from Dr Sanjay Nadkarni, Endovascular Specialist & Interventional Radiologist
Wart Treatment Instructions