Health Insurance

Skin treatments performed by a dermatologist in Perth and Bunbury, Oxford Day Surgery & Dermatology, WA

Find out how having health insurance relates to your fees for skin treatments at our skin clinic in Perth and the South West.

Private Health Insurance Fees

As an accredited Day Hospital Facility participating in the GapCover scheme, patients with private cover won’t pay any extra charges for direct billing to their health fund.

Note: So​me private patients may experience instances of additional hospital fees.

A basic summary

  • Gap (out of pocket expense)
    This expense is the sum of money left over after your health fund has covered a portion of your bill. Talk to your health fund provider to see if they offer policies that reduce/cover your gaps
  • Pre-paid fees
    Must be paid before your procedure to ensure all accounts are finalised before discharge
  • Excess 
    An amount paid by you for a service prior to the health fund paying the hospital. The greater the excess payment the lower your health fund premium. 
  • Co-payment 
    An amount paid by you for a service on top of the amount paid to the hospital by your health fund.
  • Waiting Periods/Exclusions/Restrictions/Pre Existing Conditions 
    Contact your health fund as these conditions vary. Alternatively, see our website’s Patient information or APHA Information pages for limited information
  • Informed Consent 
    Staff will help you fully understand all your surgical and financial information before you commit to your surgery
  • Eligibility checks
    With your consent, we will contact your health fund on your behalf to check what expenses will be covered and what won’t. The Privacy Act restricts us from obtaining detailed information, so understanding your cover is your responsibility above all.

To find out more about how having private health insurance can help cover the cost of Mohs surgery, skin cancer treatment and other skin treatments - Perth wide and throughout the South West - please contact us. Alternatively, browse our website to learn more about our skin specialist and dermatologist clinic in Perth.